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Terms & Conditions

1. After being a trade member in PNE, all the rules of the institution apply to you.
2. after being a member you must obtain appropriate training from the senior member or institution helpline, which is the advantage that you can easily monitor your account through the Internet according understand how to recover the benefits and withdrawals of the mobile app. Will You may otherwise have difficulties in monitoring online.
3. you have to be well-minded that your cost and profit in 12 months is being credited to your online data account on a daily basis in case of initial expected value. after 12 months, you will not be on any of the balances.
4. the cost of trade member and the profit is given update on daily basis by email. However, if there is no notification due to temporary suspension of a service, you can check the account and transaction details by login.
5. Get the guidance of your senior members or contact us on the helpline to recover your cost or profit amount.
6. The transactions of any kind can be done by the bank or by the authoritative institution. Any kind of payment is not responsible so that any kind of transactions should be approved by the government-sanctioned organization.
7. Submit a copy of agreement by signing the agreement customer copy after receiving the membership. Otherwise, no transactions will be made by the organization.


The amount of this submission is the right to recover at any time when the member has completed the fixed limit, which will be payable on demand through bank transfer or by any other authentic means within 3 or 7 days... However, if you take every month, the member will be able to take the amount of a month that will be given in the aforementioned manner.